"Jan-Peter makes the complex simple and actionable"


Jan-Peter goes international
Well, not too much yet, there's still plenty for me to do in the Netherlands. But since I love travelling and different cultures, I like to work abroad as well. And sometimes I work with English speaking groups, so here is a short summary of who I am and what I do for all you English speakers out there.

Jan-Peter as a professional
I advise organizations and project teams on creating a vision and in translating this vision into action. As a speaker, trainer and consultant, I facilitate and drive organizational change and development towards meaningful results, always with the purpose of allowing organizations, teams and individuals to do what they are best at effectively.

I am the author of the book Simplifying - realizing projects without hassle, which was nominated (top 5) for best Management book of the Year in 2014 in the Netherlands. My motivation for writing this book was that I've seen a lot of avoidable hassle and complexity in projects and organizations. In my opinion we can realize lots of great ideas much more simply. You can find more info and an English summary to download at versimpelen.info/english

My second book, StoryDoing for organizations, I wrote together with my friend and colleague Ron van Gils. It is a practical do-it-yourself book that helps professionals and organizations to be successful and meaningful at the same time. It's about making a difference, walking your talk and telling your story by doing it! On the page storydoing.nl/english you find a quick overview of the model we created.

Jan-Peter as... well, himself
Secretly I'm a philosopher. That is: a down-to-earth philosopher. I always want to know and understand everything and really get to the heart of the matter: looking for the essence of complicated questions and processes, creating clarity, both for myself and others. But I also thrive on chaos and love to improvise.
Watch out when you talk to me: I like twisting assumptions, looking at the other side of the coin and playing the devil's advocate. Changing paradigms provides us with new insights. Or sharpens up old ones.
I like to play squash, cycle and work out, 3 to 5 times a week. And to travel to far corners or big cities. South America and London are amongst my favourites. If you want to meet me: cappuccino usually does the job.


My 3 key qualities:

  1. Keeping an overview in complex situations. Finding the essence in an abundance of information. Translating it to a clear and manageable roadmap, leading towards the envisioned result.

  2. Providing people with new insights or perspective. Challenging their mindsets. Seeing through old patterns, creating new ones or combining the old and the new.

  3. Getting people and organizations to take action. Sometimes by convincing them, sometimes by confronting them, sometimes by listening to them and often through dialogue.

My mission...
...is to make organizations, teams and professionals more decisive so that they go and do what they are best at and create meaningful results, preferrably in a pleasant and effective way.

I work with these 5 'I's:
--> Insight
--> Inspiration
--> Innovation
--> Implementation
--> Impact

50 colleagues
I am a one-man business, but have at least 30 professionals in my network I call colleagues. For big assignments or complementary expertise we all know how to find each another. 

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